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How to get traffic from instagram automatically

How to get traffic from instagram automatically

Hey guy’s today I am going to share  how I get automatically traffic from my instafram account using one awesome tool.Nowadays it is difficult to find reliable tools through which we can increase our traffic online and also increase our earnings by doing this.

Let me tell you first how I started promoting my product on Instagram last year,  I pay people to promote my photos and accounts which is also called paid promotions and i also tried instagram promotions ,At first I didn’t care if I am paying for it because I already have money to spend for traffic but then I realized when one of my friend told me to try a tool to automate my Instagram account and reduce spending money on guest ads, that was the time I tried Instazood

This instagram bot can grow your account automatically. You can get 1000+  followers a day!

Features of Instazood:

  • like
  • follow
  • unfollow
  • comment
  • private messages
  • posting
  • post schedule

Some dashboard options:


You can set the limit of following, unfollowing, commenting etc.

instazood limits

I know that the use of social media these days is not solely for socialization purposes or personal usage, but for variety of purposes. Many people (including me) are using Instagram for business, campaigns or raising awareness among many others. It can bring you massive traffic. Simply put your website’s url in bio, post 10-20 images related to your site (niche), run the bot and gain followers. You will see a lot of clicks from Instagram after a couple of days. When you reach 10k followers you will start getting private messages from people/companies who want to pay you for posting their ads on your account. They can offer you even $100 per one post (depends on how many followers you have got)

Instazood is FREE to try for 3 days (with full features), after 3 free days you must pay $9,99/month but it’s worth!


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